Welcome to the official DragonCon Kilt Blowing, by TheDevilsPanties.com

For those of you who have never attended the Kilt Blowing before, well, you are in for a treat. Or possibly in for a trick. Either way, we promise to at least amuse you, perhaps entertain, and occasionally tittilate. We draw the line at entice. Why is there a line, you may ask? Because we like lines, they keep things orderly. Well, at least less chaotic. Anyhow, come, cheer, laugh, live, play, and pounce (those last two are on your own time, and are not officially sanctioned activities at the Kilt Blowing itself).

Time and Location

  • The Kilt Blowing will occur at 1:00 AM on Sunday Sept 3 2023 ( aka - 1 hour after midnight on Saturday Night).
  • The Kilt Blowing will be held in the Hyatt International Ballroom (On the bottom floor of the Hyatt)
  • This is a Dragon After Dark event. You MUST be over 18 to enter the room. Yes, we will check IDs. No, you cannot get in without an ID. We don't care how cute you are.

The main attraction of the Kilt Blowing (well, the only attraction) is that we have men, in kilts, on stage, getting blown by Jennie Breeden (mistress of The Devil's Panties). Now, sorry to say boys, she uses a VERY powerful leaf blower. Be prepared for a wild ride.

A plea to all the men reading this, male friends/attachments of women, and other guys that might get roped into the Kilt Blowing: We absolutely, positively, without a doubt cannot have Kilt Blowing if we don't have men in kilts willing to participate. No men in kilts means that Jennie will be standing around on stage, alone and sad. You don't want to make the Jennie sad, do you? In other words: We needs you, precious. So guys, if you would like to perform at the Kilt Blowing (get on stage, have photos taken of you, perhaps wind up in a calendar/book/etc), go fill out the Model Release form.

Now for the hard part. We have a limited number of spaces for participants/performers. Therefore, it is vital that you submit an application (the aforementioned Model Release form). That being said, the submission also serves as your audition. Depending upon the number of submissions, we may have to choose who gets to go on stage. Yes, this sucks, but it is necessary. Jennie gets tired of being on her knees after a while. The choices are up to our mysterious panel of judges, and their selection process is, well, mysterious. Bribery will probably not work, but it is highly encouraged. Send money orders, Amazon gift cards, and/or tasty microbrews to Daven (aka - Sir Not Appearing In This Production), and he will work to influence the selection.
Now, even if you do not get selected initially, this does not mean that you are out. So please show up. Depending upon how quickly things move, how much energy Jennie and the crowd has, and if other guys don't show up, we very likely will have some additional slots open up for you to fill. *raises eyebrow* You! No, not you. The guy with the taco! We heard what you are thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter. And don't bogart the chips and salsa.


  • Please show up at least 30 minutes early to check in. If you have not checked in by then, your spot may be given away. aka - if you are late, you might not get on stage.
  • If you fill out the online Model Release form, you just need to bring an ID so we can check you off the list.
  • If you do not fill out the online form, you will have to fill out a form in person. We don't like this idea. It will make us pout. After all, that is why we have the nifty online Model Release form for your convenience (and our laziness).

Did you fill out the Model Release form? No form, no performance. No flag, no country.